Zero Zero Start was born out of both passion and need. I love the social nature of pickleball- playing and traveling from court to court - but couldn’t find a sleek, quality bag to transport my gear and stay organized. Sure, there were other options, but they were all made overseas and from inexpensive athletic materials.

    I designed the original Zero Zero Start pickleball bag with paddle features, functional accessories and high-quality materials bringing the idea to my husband Hank, proprietor of a 3rd generation textile company founded in Boston in 1910. We embarked on a months-long process, built dozens of prototypes, and tested the bag with family and friends. Thanks to Harry Miller Boston’s legacy of manufacturing expertise, we were able to build a product that we’re proud of and that is constructed right here in Boston.

    At Zero Zero Start, we continue to develop future products and styles everyday, for example our lux paddle cover which was introduced into our product line. The Zero Zero Start bags are fashion-forward, high quality and durable Pickleball-specific accessories that keeps everything organized so you can focus on your game. Now any player can feel good about carrying it on the court as well as for everyday use. Give it a try - I know you’re going to love it as much as we (and our customers) do.

    See you on the court!